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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


oh, you must be thinking....
here she goes again...

There are two very good reasons...
first of all, my friend Carole Maynard
of Maynard's Greenhouse
walked me (over the phone) thru the process
of changing my photos into a larger version.

The poor girl had to deal with a computer-
challenged "me". But she got me there.
I am sooooo happy.
Carole love, I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!

And today my computer tech came and up-graded
everything for good an hour.
Boy, he was busy. I had three lists.

Alot of things look different now, so I have to get
used to the changes.
That is one reason for this particular post.
I am trying out what I have learned.

Second....I could not believe my eyes yesterday.
Hubby came home from work with a gift.
He found this stand and basket
at the curb for pick-up.
I still cannot believe it!!!!!
Now, normally he would not stop for anything
unless I was with him and made him stop,
threatening him, if he did not stop, I would no longer
cook or bake, ha ha.
(By the way, this works every time.)
And you know what they say about love going
thru a mans stomach.

But he knew I had just done the post on wire ware
and thought that I might like it....
and so, my second reason for this post.

Here is the basket in all its glory.
How could anyone get rid of it.

I started to play around.

Right now I have it decorated with
Narcissus and paper mache eggs
in a nod to spring just around the corner.

And here it is with some pretty dishes.
But what I have in mind, is the basket
filled with moss and twig balls,
 ferns or flowers.
The hunt is on...

And this is the stand.
The top was missing, or maybe
they had the basket on this stand.
I don't know, nor care...
I am in finders heaven.
Hubby will make me a top for it
and it will find a special place in the garden.

Honey, thank you,
you have my heart!!!!

God bless,


  1. Way to score Evi, you hubby has my heart to. Hugs Mary

  2. Lucky woman! My sweet man would not do that...but then we don't put things out for the garbage people to pick up.

  3. Evi, I've had house guests and a little out of town trip, so I'm behind in your lovely posts. I had such fun catching up this evening. Love, love, love all the wonderful wire ware. Makes me think I need to look around here and see what I have stashed away out of sight. You have some wonderful pieces! The new basket is fabulous with its various looks. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  4. It constantly amazes me the things people throw out, but certainly lucky for you, that is fab. Suzy x

  5. Congratulations dear Evi on the beautiful big photoes- and your fantastic finds- so lucky your hobby can do those things-(mine can too :))
    Mathilde is here, so ,sorry it is short. See you next week, dear friend.

  6. That Eb is a sweet man and knows the way to your heart! Love your new finds! Your artistic arrangement with the eggs and narcissus is lovely!
    The blog looks awesome! :)

  7. Just found your blog. Love, love, love, the wire ware...the basket looks great on your table (love the table too). I am following along with you. I hope you will come by and follow along with me too. Blessings and I hope all the new computer changes work well for you.

  8. I just got back and had to see if you posted. Love your new to you finds. Funny what some people throw out:)
    I have a new trick for you too.
    I'll call tomorrow.


  9. Evi , We must be channeling the same ideas! Your new found wire basket looks very similar to how I am hoping to decorate the tables for a baby shower I am doing this Sunday....it looks lovely...how great that your hubby is so thoughtful...he is a keeper! Thank you for your comment, I too love to hear from you, N xo

  10. We gotta love our men for finding our treasures. <3 Beautiful display Evi~
    Oh, I do wish spring was around the corner. Snowing heavy at the moment.
    Hugs Rosemary...

  11. Love the new look Evi. Carole sure knows how to guide one along doesn't she?
    The basket is beautiful and I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing to hold within...
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Susan x

  12. Loving the spring display!
    I also love when my honey brings home a great treasure!

  13. Your blog is beautiful! I cannot take my eyes off your creations.

    Sweet dreams of spring and wire baskets ;-)


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