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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Wire ware....it is intriguing,
charming and addictive......
playful or utilitarian............
it is impossible to stop at one piece.

Whether old or new, it does not matter, we are hooked.
I like to show you some of what I have collected over the years.
Some are antique, some vintage and some are new.
I love it equally!

Here is a beautiful dress form
in its original version....

and here it is all dressed up.

I am not sure if this is vintage.
It spells 1901, but I think it is
a reproduction.
I fill it with hand towels.

This is a very useful antique basket
which in this case holds toilet paper
in easy reach.

One of my favorite baskets, holding decorative soap.
Oh, they smell sooo good.

Another vintage basket, useful in the kitchen.

This is absolutely charming.

What this cloche usually holds,
changes with the seasons.

Both these cloches were gifts from my
friends Laura@52flea and Paula.

In this sweet "purse" I collect
most of my vintage red pincushions.

The little hanging strawberries were made
by my cousin in Germany. At a very special birthday
every guest got a set as a gift.
 What a nice thing to do to remember a special day.


and new trivets.

I adore this one....and often wonder how
they attached this plate in the middle.



The birdie does not belong to this wonderful top hat.
I think he needs to be there.

Two playful interpretations....

This antique eggcup holds an
antique egg with advertising on it.
It opens up.

Even the flowers are made from wire.

Look at this intricate rim...lovely!

This basket was given to me by my friend
Laura@52 flea one year.
I filled it with  "water" balls made from stone.
They were made to be used to filter water...
so I was told.
 Seems to me, they could
 have been used as ballast on a ship.
Does somebody in blog land know
the real story?

Unfortunately this soap holder does
not fit any of my bathtubs.

A vintage garlic basket.....

.......I keep shallots in it.

These are collapsible little baskets.

They are antique and have wonderful
artistic patterns.

This, I believe, is a feeder for horses
given to me by my friend Paula.
I think it makes a great cloche!

This hanging rack is special.
It has a fine delicate weave on the top.

French market basket, very useful.

Another gift from Paula.
Of course I had to dress it up...
and of course it had to have birds.
I think it came with one...who then needed
a mate.

And you might remember this urn from
my Christmas post.
It held  a little Christmas tree.

I find it practical for my magazines
and it will end up in the summer
planted with herbs or flowers.
It was my big bargain at $25.00

I hope you enjoyed my collection.

 I wish you happy and warm
winter days.

God bless,


  1. Hi my dear friend Evi. What a wonderful collection of wire work. I especially love the bathtub soapholder. Thanks for sharing these treasures with us. Hugs Mary

  2. WOW! That is a lot of wireware Evi! I have seen each piece beautifully displayed in your home but looking at them here...well, that's a lot of awesome wire!
    Great photos! I wish I could help you with your commenting issue...but, alas, I have no idea!
    Miss you! :)

  3. Dear Evi, your collection is wonderful, and you have put all your pieces to such good use! I have a bit and I too try to employ them into use, it is getting harder to find,like everything else. Thank you for sharing this interesting collection. N.xo

  4. That is an amazing selection of wire work, I love each and every one! You might like to have a look at 'my little moan' on my blog regarding comment probs. It all works very well with google chrome but I do not see why we should have to resort to total (Googality) to make blogger work. Anyway I've opted for a pop-up box which seems to work fine (I also was having probs) I have found though that I can't leave comments on some blogs. Hope that helps a little. Once again, thanks for sharing your wonderful collection and beautiful photos! Suzy x

  5. They're all so beautiful Evi. The purse full of strawberry pincushions surely tickles my fancy!
    Susan x
    PS Where ever did you find the little birdie one?

  6. Dear Evi, Yes it is all about the POP UP box, as :Rustic Vintage Country write-- if only all bloggers would change their comment way to the pop up...there would be no problems.
    I have Firefox running for commenting, because IE don`t work for that-but I use IE for blogging ...it is all very anoying, isen`t it?
    But it has nothing to do with your computer dear friend.
    Evi what a wonderful collection you have, I love them all -and you have so many different fantastic things , and use them so sweetly.I love the one you used as cloche for the craw-and the sledge- and all the other fabolous pieces.
    Wishing you good luck with the commenting-and sending you many hugs, Dorthe

  7. Wow that is one great collection. I always admire them in your home. I have a few myself. I think you use your much better....well I think you do everything much better:)
    Hope your techie guy works out the problems. I see everyone else agrees the pop up is the trick.

    Oh I did have that white page thing happen yesterday.. I'd forgotten to tell you today!!!!


  8. Evi, how delightful your collection is!!! I keep my eggs in a wire basket in the fridge and my tea towels in a huge one on my bench.......sadly that's all the wire baskets I have.....hmmm, I don't see anything from your friend Margaret.....must remedy that one.......hee hee!
    Hope you are doing better than I am!

  9. Hi Evi,
    What an amazing collection, such gorgeous pieces! Evertime I had a favorite, something else caught my eye! I LOVE the egg holder, and the lace on spools is beautiful!

  10. What an incredible collection, Evi!! I adore it all! I am in search of a white chippy round basket that is about 5" deep! Had my eye on one I loved, but someone snapped it up before I could get it. :o(

    How lovely that you have such an array of vintage beauties! And you're using them...even better!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings and joy!

  11. That is some very awesome wire ware you have Evi. Love those cloches - they are really pretty. B´Need to look after wire ware at the fleas this summer.

  12. Du hast so himmlische Schätze, liebste Evi - atemberaubend schöne Stücke, wie man sie sonst nirgendwo zu sehen bekommt.....wirklich ein Traum!!!!! Ich liebe deine Dekorationen!!!!!!! Und tausend Dank auch, für deine so lieben Zeilen - ja, deine süße Mail hab ich bekommen.......hab mich riesig gefreut darüber!!!! Also das Badezimmer bleibt bei mir auch grau ;), das finde ich nach wie vor sehr edel und schön, nur im Wohnzimmer wirkte das alles so unruhig. Aber generell bin ich derzeit eher auf der Suche und noch nicht wirklich angekommen.....solche Phasen gibt es (na ja, bei mir vielleicht Dauerzustand ;))! Wir werden sehen!!! Eine wundervolle Woche und gaaaaaaaanz liebe Grüße,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  13. Well look at you all large and pretty!
    The better to see you with my dear <3

    I covet several of these...
    BIG time!

  14. What an awesome collection...I love the soap holder. I have the same little nest that you displayed in it!

  15. Fabulous collection. I would love to see a blog just about wirework!


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