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Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have taken a break from most anything to do with computer work.
Life  can get hectic and something had to give.
But spring has arrived, and with that renewal,
 including renewed energy.
Spring blossoms are popping up all over the place.
Some trees are already in full bloom.
Hopefully no heavy frost will put an end to all this beauty!

Birds are chirping and are busy, busy, building their nests.

I brought the summer hats out of hiding,
and am wearing them too, while playing
in the garden.
I just love this time of year.
There is so much promise of wonderful discoveries
and fun to come.

Walking around the house, I realized
how many of my collections fit in with
spring and Easter to come.
We purchased this little hanging cabinet from Tirol
on our last trip to Austria.
I believe it had a religious purpose.
It is a most charming piece, made with so much care.

On the right is mom bunny, also from Germany.
I keep gathering families of bunnies.....
well, you know what they say about that....
no wonder there are so many in our home.

Sheep are another of my favorite collections.
You can NEVER have too many!

Case in point!

This one looks like trouble.

These hand-dyed eggs have the most beautiful colors.
All are done with natural dyes.

A chicken with attitude.

He has quite a wonderful ride through the daffodils.

A long time ago we met dear friends of ours at a show
in Bethlehem, P.A.
My friend pointed out these fabulous hand-done eggs.
I still am amazed, every time I hold them and look
at all the details.
And I thought, I did little things...
this boggles the mind.

The back of the egg.

Here are two "love birds".
Hubby and I.
Wonder what he is whispering into her ear?

More eggs in a wonderful leather covered hat box.

Another treasured egg.
Wish I had more!!!!

The back of this one.

I played in Picasa. Like the soft look.

Found this little fellow at a flea market in Berlin.
He hopped all the way to the USA.

Even the bathroom got some spring flowers.

And last but not least,
my rabbits, hubby and I
wish you all a marvelous spring,
and a divine Easter or any other holiday
you might be celebrating.

God bless,


  1. Hi Evi,
    I LOVE this springtime post! That little tin box with the eggs is great...I guess I never looked inside and that leather hat box is awesome too! Your collections and arrangements always bring a smile to my face! And...I know what that little bunny is whispering...
    " make me some carrot cake please!"
    Love you lots!
    Laura :)

  2. Hello Evi - I've just read your blog with the birds singing away outside and the promise of another warm sunny day to come.
    Your photos are lovely - how beautiful your house must look.
    Love to you
    Diane. x

  3. You have the most amazing items in your beautiful home, I never seem to see things like these for sale here. As I was scrolling down I was thinking ooooo that's my favourite then down a bit more and perhaps that's my fave and so on and so on. So just love them all. Suzy x

  4. Hi Evi, where do I start? This was a great post. I love your bunnies, as I am a lover of them, too. The little guy in the daffodils is just too cute! And the lamb collection is so sweet. We had a good day yesterday and I spent almost the whole day in the yard...wonderful!
    :>) Annette

  5. Hello my dear blog friend. Love all your treasures. I have had to let blogging take a back seat so I could catch up on some things. We have had some nice spring weather and it has caused me to want to play outside. I love your little vintage tin candy molds and your rabbit collections, one can never have to many rabbits. Hugs to you. Mary

  6. All those lovely bunnies,and oh, how I would like to have a lamb collection like yours (I do have 3 little lambs, looking a lot like these)

  7. Hi dearest Evi-
    I love those tours in your beautiful home, with lovely decorations everywhere. The sheeps are so wonderful, and I love you uses green from the garden all over .You have such a fantastic way of making every corner cosy, and inviting.
    I have once in my life been at one of the big markets in Berlin- WOW that was a wonderful experience.
    Love to you dear.

  8. You can tell that it has put a SPRING into your step and your voice.

    Soak it all in my friend..it is glorious <3

  9. Dear Evi, your posts always have a special quality and softness of heart....I loved viewing your springtime vignettes and how you display them in your home! In Florida for a little sunshine before heading home to enjoy Spring and Easter to herald another wonderful season in the garden! N.xo

  10. What a wonderful post!
    I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful eye candy.
    And those molds!! DROOL!!


  11. You have such beautiful collections displayed dear Evi!
    We both collect bunnies and putz sheep/lamb so of course I covet all of yours :) I also love your vintage chocolate and cake molds. I had no luck finding these in old so far because they are so expensive over here at the antique markets and on ebay too, but one day hopefully!
    Spring has sprung here also and I spent all weekend in the garden cleaning/pruning and also relaxing yay!
    I wish you a wonderful Spring time and very happy Easter days!
    Carola xoxo~

  12. I loved this post! So many beautiful things to look at and take in. I LOVED the display on the table!

    Much Love,

  13. what a lovely blog...your pictures and vignettes are glorious..

    glad I found you...just stunning..

    Happy Spring...I look forward to being a regular visitor

    Linda :o)

  14. Helloooooo
    I'm back! Just saying hi and testing out the change! :)


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