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Sunday, June 17, 2012


We have arrived at Part Two.
And we have arrived in style.

I fell in love with this little car, which reminded
me of my very first car....
a Volkswagen Beetle...
 Our son, who loves vintage cars
(and owns a vintage car...American make),
informed me that this is a Citroen 2CV...
the French version of the Bug...made from
1948 - 1990.
All I can say  "wish it was mine"
I would drive it VERY carefully.

Gals, have a glass of wine,
get comfortable and enjoy more of
Lillian August.

And after a few bottles, you might want to start saving them
to make an interesting chandelier.
You got to start somewhere.

You have to have some set of doors for these
wonderful keys.

In my next life I want this in big.....
unfortunately, I get VERY seasick.

These would fit nicely in our home when I 'm in
my red phase.

How sweet!

Again an interesting use of shells.

Love all the different shapes. They had many more.

Now this bin would be perfect for gardening things,
tools, pots, bulbs, etc., but since I am not that tall,
I would need a ladder.
They had antique ones too.
What I actually did take home was a vintage
olive gathering bucket.

I could see this mirror on a dresser with a collection of
perfume bottles on it.

Crazy, funky...just wonderfully weird.

Men's best friend was not forgotten.

Oh yes, I could do this....
Oh soooo elegant.

This is sheer luxury!!!!!

More pretties.

And if you want and need storage,
this would hold tons of goodies.

Truly interesting.
How do they come up with these settings?
The people at Lillian August are truly talented
to take these everyday items and make them look
so inviting, intriguing and special.

Do you remember how charming these looked
filled with herbs right at the entrance?
They are huge.
Wonder what they were actually used for.

Lots more charming storage.

These cotton ribbons are wonderful.
I purchased some and also tiny clips.

So, take time to appreciate all that is beautiful.....and.....

"if you invest in beauty,
it will remain with you
all the days of your life"
Frank Lloyd Wright

I hope you enjoyed part two of our outing.
Next we are going to another of my absolute
new favorite places,

Until next time....
God bless,


  1. Such a facinating place. Wonderful decor and arrangements. I could spend some quality time there!!

  2. Hello Evi.
    The 2 cv is just fabulous - I have wanted one all my life and as soon as we have somewhere it can live when the weather isn't good I'm having one !
    The one in you photo is a Dolly I think.

    The shop you've been to looks just great - wish I could be there with you to enjoy all these great places.


  3. Hi my dear Evi,
    and thankyou for this wonderful morning tour, before I have to go working in my studio! So gorgeous and beautiful,I love the birds homes,-bottles, -AND the CAR, is so sweet.Also love the containers in zinc and ?what is it called Evi `? hehe can`t remember ...
    Hope your week-end was lovely- you will hear from me soon, dear friend.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  4. So many goodies Evi and I imagine that sweet little car would have not been big enough for all your purchases.
    I love the bird cages.
    Stay cool its going to be a very hot beginning to Summer!
    Susan x

  5. Hi Evi...Happy Summer!
    Thanks for taking us browsing...what a great place!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful tour.
    Oh I had seen many items that I would purchase. I guess now I can just dream.
    Have a great day!

  7. Next time you and Debbie take a road trip...please invite me!!!
    You had me at the first photo and then my goodness...what a place!

  8. Beautiful store, Evi. Thanks for taking us along.

  9. that was a fabulous tour I am going to go back and look again . I can see why you love it


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