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Thursday, June 7, 2012


I am in LOVE with a store, well actually two......
Lillian August and Terrain.
You might be laughing, but you will see.....
both stores take your breath away.
Both stores have the most beautiful and unusual things.
Both stores are in Connecticut, about 1 1/2 hours away
from my home.
Lillian August has stores in Connecticut, New York
and Los Angeles.
Terrain is new to Connecticut and I will take you
there in part three.
Lillian August has an interesting and unique mix of retail furniture mixed with the most wonderful antiques from all over the world.
Just look how they used the old wooden bowls hanging from the ceiling, filled with herbs.

In both stores I got permission to photograph.

My girlfriend Debbie (I have shown you her beautiful
home last year)....took me out for a delectable luncheon
and shopping.
This was one of my belated birthday gifts.
The weather has not been cooperating lately, too much rain.
We waited for good weather, but finally we picked last Tuesday...and guess what,
we had sunshine and rain again.
But we did not care.

So get comfortable in your chair.....
I am taking you along on our trip....
part one.

Oh, I would have loved this set in my home!

I fell in love.....over and over.

Can you believe what you can do with sea shells?!

This is such a fun and girlie room.

I saw a lot of scrubbed pine for which I have a great fondness.
Some of my pieces of furniture came from Lillian August.
I treasure them!

Please, please adopt me.
Aren't they fun!

This picture makes me giggle.
You can see the reflection of Debbie in this charming mirror.
She fell in love with this chandelier.
She looks like she is praying for divine intervention.
Please God, let me have this chandelier....and the castle to go with it.
Too cute!


Pretty girls.

So Swedish.....

I almost bought this, came mighty close.

More pillow beauty...and many more to come.
I have a penchant for them, and have earned
my hubbies nickname for me
"the pillow queen".

Although I loved everything in this picture,
it was the little alarm clock, that stole my heart.
It is vintage and from the Ritz.
Unfortunately a bit too much for my budget.

French antique linens mixed with new throws.

Now that was actually what I would have LOVED in my porch.
Unfortunately also not in the budget!!!!
But I do LOVE ours too.
Definitely more suited to my purse.

The store has everything, even things for the garden.
A feast for the eyes.

OK, and I thought I had a lot of these
lovely old wine bottles....

I am ending part one of our excursion with this lovely bed,
decked out in fabulous linens.
It is almost time for me to go to bed...
so to all of you,
"Good night".
As for me, I will still be dreaming of this
heavenly trip.
In my dreams I will be furnishing my castle
with many of these things.

I wish you all  the best of dreams!

God bless,


  1. Thank you for the tour, Evi. What a lovely store. I can see why you are in love. Sweet dreams...

  2. Oh ja, liebste Evi, da bin ich dabei, was für ein wundervoller Ort.............da hab ich auch vieles entdeckt, was herrlich in mein Traum-Schloss passen würde ;)!!!!! Werde mir die Bilder noch oft ansehen, das sind soooooooo wunderbare Schätze........allein diese unglaubliche Muschlel-Lampe.......in dem Laden könnte ich Tage zubringen ;))! Bin sehr gespannt auf Teil zwei!!! Deinen letzten Post fand ich auch so schön......ich lieeeeeebe es zu baden, vor allem mit Lavendelduft..........die Seife ist übrigens traumhaft schön, so eine zauberhafte Verpackung hab ich noch nie gesehen, die würde ich auch niemals auspacken! Ein himmlisches Wochenende (bei uns regnet es heute) und allerliebste Grüße,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  3. Oh- now that's one of those stores you wish you lived in!! Wonderful~~~~

  4. Great shops, obviously, reminds me of some of the booth's at the monthly Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta - going later today and should be doing a post. Hope it looks as good as yours,


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of this lovely shop. We have nothing even close here in Central Florida.....I'm a bit jealous!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Susie

  6. Thanks for sharing the day trip you had. Glad you had a great time. I can see myself loving this store as well. My pocket book is not that big so I would just have to window shop. Hugs Mary

  7. Lovely....I want it all! Thanks for sharing your excursion. Egretta

  8. My dear Evy,
    Such shops are only to dream about here in my Denmark.... naturally we have big beautiful shops, but none with such special items.
    So watching will be only here and in my dreams :-)
    Thankyou sweet-
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  9. This is a great posting It’s exactly what I was looking for. I like your article.

  10. Hi Evi, have been very busy, so pardon the late arrival! Lillian August has a wonderful point of view for home decor, I agree...a bit French, a bit vintage and a bit Modern, so will appeal to all of us, I think! Lovely tour Evi, thank you...we do not have one here in Canada, so I loved this. I am up to my ears in boxes and editing, UGH! My only reprieve is gardening! N.xo

  11. OK...it's been decided. I will not make another trip to CT without a side trip here! Even better than you described! Superfabulousamazing! That's a new word ...hehe.



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