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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There are times in our lives where we need
to sit back and reflect.
This is our time to do that.
 We had a very bad medical scare in our family.
It has made us sit up and take stock.
It made us be thankful for second chances,
and it made us grateful that we are still
all together.
It makes you realize that small things are not
all that important.
It makes you thankful that the worst has not happened.
And most of all, it teaches you to make
the most of every day,
to love each other and life.
Plainly said...
don't sweat the small stuff.

The snow makes me feel quiet.
It makes me feel secure inside,
being alone with my thoughts.
And life can be beautiful!




It snowed again after the last snowstorm.
This time some of the flakes were as big as the palms
of my hand.
Incredibly beautiful!

There is a fairytale by the brothers Grimm
about Frau Holle.
When she fluffed up her feather bed,
it snowed beautiful snowflakes.
This reminds me of it.

The snow was heavy and wet.
Truly a winter wonderland.

The black of the crows looks pretty
against all the snow.

So magical.


Next month is spring,
all this will be a memory,
With spring will come renewal and hope.
Hold your loved ones tight,
let them know that you love them.
God bless,


  1. I had a real health scare too, and it certainly realigns things, and changes priorities! Awesome photography- I really enjoyed looking at them :)

  2. Evi, the snow is beautiful and peaceful. Thinking of you!

  3. It's been 30 years since I have been in snow like that..sigh

    glad to hear that the scare was just that..a scare....

  4. wow, dear evi, what beautiful-beautiful snowpictures.i'm overwhelmed !!
    thanks for show this.
    many greetings

  5. those snowy pictures are just magical....xx

  6. Hi Evie,
    beautiful pictures! I love tiny houses in the snow, look lovely.

  7. Wonderful Wonderland....and I love the little rabbits in their, hideaway (or are they hares?) in your last pix.

  8. so glad everything is alright in your family.....a health scare can really be a wake up call....

  9. These pictures transport me to a different place.
    They are lovely !
    I love when the weather keeps us indoors.
    A chance to slow down and ponder.

  10. Praise everything is okay.
    Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! That is alot of snow! We haven't gotten that much here in lower Michigan. It has been several years since we recieved that much which is really unusual.

  11. Your pictures are lovely, Evi! The snow coming down looks so peaceful and pristine. My thoughts a prayers are with you.


  12. Evi, so glad to hear all is good. Your pictures are just so very amazing, capturing winter's beauty and wonder, the likes of which I have never seen...so much for a lifetime in Florida! Of course, I have seen snow, but nothing like this.

    Have a wonderful weekend...stay warm and enjoy the peace.

  13. Evi, I am thankful for your good news! I had a very similar situation last two weeks which we are dealing with, with loved ones in our family....all we need in life is our family, those we hold dear to our hearts, nothing else matters ....your pictures are beautiful! N.xo

  14. I understand the health scare completely. Love your beautiful words and photo's take care my friend. Love Mary

  15. Evi, I am grateful it was only a scare. It does put things in perspective, though. Your pictures are very beautiful and peaceful. I'm sending best wishes your way sweet friend.

  16. Dearest Evi,
    I`m thankful for you, that all is well and that there (as you say) was given a second chance,- such a blessing my dear friend.
    Your winter wonderland is far more beautiful as mine, as here the snow is not wet and don`t stay on trees and branches like in your beautiful garden.
    How quiet the whole world seems when the snow decks every inch .
    Dear ,I wish you and your family, all the best and pray for all to return to normal again!
    Warm hugs,Dorthe

  17. Evi, wow, so much snow...your phots are wonderful. It does look so peaceful and soft.....nice to stitch by the window and reflect. We need to take time to embrace our loved ones. I hope and pray everything will be alright for you this year. Spring will be sooooo welcome!!

  18. Hi Evi! Your photos are breathtaking! So pretty! I can't believe the size of those huge flakes! Well, as pretty as it is...I know too well what it means and have to say I am happy to be here with Dad in Florida. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Sending much love and Florida sunshine your way.
    :) Laura

  19. Your photography is beautiful. I had never heard of Frau Holle before. Now I will think of her everytime we have big snowflakes. The crows in the snow covered trees made for such a great picture. They reminded me of some of the creatures that you create. It is feeling as if winter has been a long time here now, I am waiting for spring. We have more bad weather coming here Monday or Tuesday.

  20. Thank you for sharing your beauty Evi, sending you a hug and hope all is well.


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