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Thursday, February 7, 2013


I can't decide if I am dealing with living with a
bathroom that reminds me of a green pea,
or an annoying green hornet.
I guess, it is a bit of both.
We embarked on the remodel of this little half bath
next to the bedroom.
Actually there was meant to be a bathtub in this room,
but the first owner of our home,
(we are the third),
decided that she needed a closet for her dresses more
than a bathtub, and reversed it....so that space it is now in the hall.
I would have preferred the tub, but we have lived with
it so many years, that it will stay the way it is.
Nonetheless, some things really needed updating.
The toilet needed to be turned a 90 degree angle....
and who knew, that a "little" change like that
could entail two days of work from our plumber
and empty our wallet.
But it needed to be done.
When your knees hit the vanity, you know there is a problem.
All in all, it served us well, but it is time for a change.

It is all torn apart now, and work is being done as I write.
We are doing a new color scheme, and are going
with grey and white.
We picked a vanity from the
Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot,
and things that went with it.

I am going with polished nickel for the faucet, lamp,
and towel holders, etc.
I LOVE this faucet from Martha.....
problem is, the write-up about the quality is NOT good.
So, the search is on for another polished nickel faucet.
 I am staying with the light fixture, only two lights though.
This looks like brass, but is polished nickel too.

This is the picture on the box of the vanity.
This looks distorted. Top and bottom measurements
are the same.
I am using tile like shown in the picture on our floor,
and there will be bead board halfway up.
It will be nice to get away from all the green.
With all of this, I am sewing,
because next week I will post some rabbits.
(More about that soon) 
My back does not allow me to sit sewing for
hours as I usually do....still sciatica problems.
And most of all....
there is our little Lulu!
I like to thank you all for your kind words,
and helpful advice.
Lulu is a treasure!!!!
She is still hiding a lot during the day,
but now the couch which has a skirt,
is her favorite hang-out.
She lets us cuddle her and purrs like crazy,
but she still does not let us pick her up.
We respect her wishes.
She does start to play with us.
We bought her a scratch stand with a round disk
which holds a ball that rolls in a track.
So, she is on one side pushing it, and I am on the other.
I'd say, that this is a huge improvement from
two weeks ago.
She seems to play like a crazy girl all night,
but stays with her toys, not my "stuff".
When things settle down a bit, I will visit everyone again.
Until then, thank you for giving me hope
that things will change with Lulu.
As we are waiting for the approaching super snowstorm,
I keep telling myself, that next month is spring.
So whats a "little" snow....
I wish you a wonderful weekend!
God Bless,


  1. First, I am so glad Lulu is adjusting to her new loving home. Now, I love the new bathroom vanity..can't wait to see the results of the redo..and the SNOWSTORM...May the gool Lord watch over you...it sounds like it is going to be rough.. I hope you are prepared...Thinking of you! Blessings!

  2. Your bath is going to be lovely, Evi. I really like the vanity you chose. I'm looking forward to seeing it completed with all of your magic touches.

    I'm so glad kitty is getting a bit more social. Soon you will have a loving affectionate friend! :)


  3. Evi, the bathroom is going to be gorgeous!!!!! I think LuLu will be happier to come out of hiding when the construction is over with, she is so pretty!
    I am happy you are getting to sew a little bit, hope you don't get stuck in the storm! Yikes...we need Spring soon!!!!

  4. Evi, I have been thinking of you since hearing about the storm! I hope it all goes away quickly. Your new vainity looks nice and I think your whole bath will be wonderful. Love beadboad and the tile for the floor. Really glad to hear about LuLu. Sounds like she just needs extra time and you guys have the patience to give it to her. Be safe, my friend.

  5. Hello my sweet dear friend, love the bathroom now that you displayed however I do no a lot about want and needing change, I am very excited for you and can not wait to see the outcome. Say warm and can not wait to see some bunnies, hugs Mary

  6. Hello dear friend,
    So good to read that Lulu is more relaxed with you, I dearly hope it won`t be long untill she jumps on your knees Evi.
    Sweet friend I also hope you are safe from the storm, and that you have had no damages?
    Your little bathroom, I`m sure will be a beautiful and more comfortable place to visit, after the renovation.
    Please send a little note ,that you are ok.
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  7. Hi Evi...your bathroom will look amazing..love the new color scheme. Looking forward to the new Bunny Show! Hope you made out OK in the storm. Rob said we got 13 inches by us...my brother in Stony Point only got 10 inches. Chat soon!
    Be well, Laura

  8. Oh Evi it will look incredible when you're done. I know what you mean about the cost. We just had an electrician come....and he was only $65 not the $95/ hr we usually have pd. No wonder we do everything else ourselves:)
    Look forward to the seeing what you've made.

  9. Your bathroom looks like it is going to be wonderful. I am glad that little Lulu is starting to get comfortable. I think that the poor little thing had maybe never met humans that were always loving and caring toward her. It will take time for her to learn to trust how much she is loved in your home.


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