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Saturday, March 9, 2013


I am starting with the good news.
My blogger friend, Suzan Stoddard
who's blog
had a give-a-way recently.
I was one of the lucky winners
of this wonderful book.....
Look how beautiful it was wrapped!!!
But I was too nosy.
Off came the pretty ribbon...
and the charming decal and paper.....

........and there it was......
"Where Woman Create"
Book of organisation.
In my entire life, I have truly NEVER won anything.
You can imagine how exited I was!
The book is wonderful,
and will be great inspiration to me,
as I will try to organize my studio.
Tons of things to go through.

These are just a few of the charming pictures of
Suzan's studio.
That gal has it all together!!!!
She is always weeding out and organizing.
She will be my muse.

Don't you just love it?!
And now to the bad news....
from Thursday evening on, and all day Friday
it snowed, and snowed.....
15 inches, or 38 Centimeters.
It was very wet and VERY heavy snow.
Hubby had to pull it off the roof for fear of damage.

The bench looks like it got cushions.....
just needs a few throw pillows....

The railings are snow capped.... 

while Teddy is snuggled in furry cushions
and staying warm.

The lantern became the "incredible snowball".

And the screens in the porch became curtains.
The snow stuck to everything,
making it look quite beautiful.
As it stands right now,
I am SICK of the snow
and am yearning for rabbits to frolic
in our meadows....
and spring flowers to bloom.
For us East Coasters, it has been a rough winter.
I am hoping that we will be rewarded for all this misery
with a most beautiful season to come!
Sending  you all warm greetings.
God bless,


  1. Oh, Evi, I'm so happy that the gorgeous book went to you. You'll know just how to use it. I'm hopelessly unorganized at the moment. I've pulled things out and trying to get things sorted back into organized order.
    As for the snow......your images are beautiful, but I can only imagine how ready you are for spring. We haven't had snow, and I'm ready! Another cold front is headed our way tonight. Predicting rain and possibly large hail. We can use the rain, but please no damaging hail. Many trees have already started to bloom. But Mother Nature will do as she pleases. We all know that!
    Stay warm and cozy inside with your sweet teddy and those cute rabbits. Sending hugs ~ Sarah

  2. Your winter has been dreadful..hope it breaks soon.

  3. What a fun win:) I too am ready for that vitamin D to shine down. Today was our first real warm & sunny day (50ish I think.) You could just view it as a good excuse not to mow the lawn - heehee. Keep well, love your work.

  4. So pleased you won the book...not that you could possibly be any more organized...but now I can look it over when I next visit! That snow...oh my goodness...all that snow! Hopefully that is the end of it and spring will be here very soon!
    Lots of love, Laura :)

  5. I know how hard your area has been hit by cold, snowy weather but until now, I never really saw the extent. Our last few winters have been mild, which is very strange for the upper Midwest, but I do remember my husband having to shovel snow off the roof and balconies, especially a portion of our house that has a flat roof. I am sure spring is just around the corner. :-D

    I'm pleased you won Suzan's book! Hurray! Please share some of the ideas you put to use. I need them!! lol!

    Take care, my friend. Stay warm and cozy!


  6. I love all the Where Women Create publications and that book is on my list. So glad you won it. That is a ton of snow - I don't blame you for being ready for Spring. It can't come soon enough!

  7. Oh Evi, my goodness. When you wrote this morning that you had snow I thought..oh yeah snow...but this! Holy Toledo!
    Again I repeat..I don't think I could ever do snow again. Maybe lala land isn't so bad in winter after all.....

    So happy you like the book. Aren't there just great ideas from those gals? I love the matte finish and primitive look to it also. I am honored to be part of it and thrilled you are my friend <3

  8. Congratulations on winning the book!! Yea you! I know your snow has been terrible, but I was worried you had "REALLY" bad news. The picutures look pretty bad and I, too, hope that your spring and summer more than make up for the awful weather you have endured this winter.

  9. Oh weh, liebe Evi, was für ein langer und harter Winter......in diesem Jahr ist die Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling ganz besonders groß und solche Schneemengen um diese Jahreszeit sind bestimmt nur schwer zu verkraften! Einziger Trost: die Natur holt alles wieder auf und belohnt uns mit einer wahren Explosion an Blüten und Schönheit!!! Wir hatten nun ein paar himmlisch warme Tage (zumindest hier in Bayern), aber heute hat es wohl merklich abgekühlt, es ist windig und regnet, aber noch bleibt der Schnee (wie im Norden Deutschlands) zum Glück aus. Wie immer es kommt, wir müssen das Beste daraus machen. Gestern habe ich ohnehin sehr gestaunt.....wir hatten ja vorige Woche noch eisige Temperaturen und eine geschlossene Schneedecke und dennoch blühen bereits an den ersten wärmeren Tagen die Gänseblümchen auf den Wiesen und Feldern.......das bedeutet so viel Hoffnung!! Einen himmlischen Sonntag, macht es euch kuschlig, mit der süßen Lulu,

    alles Liebe, bis bald, herzlichst Jade

    PS: Hätte ich beinahe vergessen, über all dem Schnee: das Buch sieht wundervoll aus und bietet bestimmt eine große Fülle an Inspiration!

  10. Congratulations on your win! Happy reading.
    Your wintery scene has been here all winter in my neck of the woods....
    When you are not used to it, that is hard.
    Spring should be soon now that we have sprung ahead with the clocks.

  11. My dear Evi, congratulations on winning that wonderful book, --well I can`t imagine you being unorganised from seing photoes from your home, dear :-)
    MY oh my, I`m so sorry for you about all that snow- how awfull much you have had this winter,-I dearly hope you can soon smile to a singing bird on a gree lawn!
    Here it is extreamly cold and storming, with snow, too!!! Aren`t we tired of this winter ?
    Evi I have had a worried week, but you will soon hear from me, my sweet lovely friend.
    Hugs and love from Dorthe

  12. I am almost envious of your snowfall.

    I have wanted more than a dusting of snow for a couple of years.

    Maybe next year!!

    "Ginger" -- one of ur dolls and Pam

  13. Winter will be over soon!! We got that snow storm earlier, and now it is almost all melted and it was so warm today when I was walking the dogs that I had to take off my sweater and just walk in a tee shirt!!! Soon it will be spring!! It's coming!!!

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Hi Evi, ...the snow you have! It looks so beautiful, but I'm sure you are ready for some green! We just missed that storm this past weekend, we had a very Spring like two days , but back to cooler weather now...I too am so inspired by Suz organizational skills, and she is one of my favorite bloggers! So generous and lovely....I hope to use some of her ideas for my own space soon, still opening boxes here!

  16. Oh my dear friend! How excited I am that you won the book, I have it as well, did not win it, but call me a book freak. I would of loved to see you when you were opening the package. The snow, it does seem you folks have had your taste of it, we can live with out it here in the Pacific Northwest. Have a nice Month, March came in like a lamb for us, I just hope it does not go out like a Lion. Hugs Mary

  17. hallo liebe evi,
    dieses buch schaut toll aus. ich gratuliere dir zu deinem gewinn!!
    jaja, der schnee. bei uns ist es schon so schön frühlingshaft und alles fängt an zu blühen- ABER am
    donnerstag soll es schnee geben und wieder minusgrade. ich hoffe, dass die blumen nicht alle kaputt gehen!!!
    ich wünsche dir einen schönen tag
    und sende dir herzliche grüße

  18. That book looks so interesting and congratulations! You join us with the snow, snow and more snow! x


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