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Friday, March 1, 2013


A lot of people have read about me by now.
My name is Lulu, or as my new mom and dad
affectionately call me....
Can't say that I am thrilled about that,
 but you get the picture....
I love mice....my toy mice.

I have LOTS of them.
Not only do I have lots of toy mice,
but my mom and dad told me their last kitty cat
was called Mouse,
and they loved him very much too.
He supposedly looked a lot like me...
in a boy-kind of way,
all greys, white and a little brown thrown in,
hence his name Mouse.
Above is an old picture of him.
I guess he was cute too.

As I said before,
I am not too thrilled about the "mouse" part,
but my new parents can call me whatever they want,
because they love me soooo much.
They play with me and with my wonderful toys......
they laugh when I stalk things.....

enjoy watching me watching birdies and squirrels.
( I am going to be an inside cat,
safe from all the bad things in the woods)

They know when I need a cuddle, like right now....
and they think, I am so darn cute,
that they spoil me.
So, I have decided not to live under the couch anymore.
I only go there when I get scared, which still happens.
I visit my mom while she is sewing, because she is
in the room right next to me.
I love watching her, and she talks to me softly
and even sings to me.

She has an antique picture of a kitty from very, very long ago.
That picture was here, way before they found me.
Don't you think, I was meant to live here.
She looks just like me.
I sleep most of the day and play mostly at night...
I guess I am a night owl.
I dream of my life before they found me.
I was always scared, and hungry and felt so alone..
I dream about the spiral thing that my humans
walk up and down on.
Soon I will be brave enough to follow them upstairs
I wonder what it is like up there.
Mom and dad tell me it is wonderful with lots
of windows to look out of.
But before I check that out, I need a little more courage.
This was then.....
The 24th of January was the most important day
in my young life.
It is the day that I hit the jackpot and got adopted.
Oh, I wish all pets would be as lucky as I am!!!!
We abandoned pets desperately need a home
 just like my new one!

.......and this is now !!!!!!
I will continue my story every once in a while.
For now
"miaow" from Lulumouse.
God bless,
from Mom Evi


  1. Dear LuLu,
    Your parents do love you very much. They must be very happy now that you aren't hiding all the time. One of these days you must venture upstairs with them. They will not lead you astray. You are a very beautiful lady and you are very lucky that you went to such a great home!

  2. What a truly beautiful cat.
    I am so happy that she's getting more confident and I'm sure she'll give you lots of happiness and that you will love her more and more everyday.
    Whilst I'm writing this I have my three darlings all next to me.

    Love Diane.

  3. She is a beautiful kitty and so fortunate to have you'll as parents! I know you will have lots of fun and love with her.

  4. Lulu is adorable! She looks much like the kitty I had as a child. Did I love that cat! '-)
    So happy that Lulu found a home with you. She will be safe and loved for the rest of her life.
    Happy weekend to you and Lulu! ~ Sarah

  5. She is gorgeous... look at those green eyes.
    LuLu has indeed been welcomed into a loving home where she brings much pleasure to her new caretakers.
    Enjoy every purr!
    Susan x

  6. Lulumouse, you do resemble the kitty in the antique picture. Perhaps it is a distant relative? You are very lucky to be adopted and in a warm and loving home. Enjoy yourself and one day you will try the stairs. Patty/BC

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  8. Dear Evi, your gentle heart is very evident from this post...
    Lulumouse is in such good hands, N.xo

  9. Lulu is gorgeous. She looks like she has eyeliner on. It is amazing how much she looks like the kitty in the antique picture. I knew from the beginning that she would be out from under the couch and cuddling in just a short time. She looks like she now enjoys posing for her picture to be taken, too. Do you ever wish our pets could tell us the story of their lives before they came to live in our homes?

  10. So happy Lulu found a wonderful home and great parents to love her!
    She's a beauty!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  11. It was a match made in heaven! Lulu is darling and I am so glad you have found each other! :) Laura

  12. I'm known as Snow White because of my love of animals. I've always have found my new pet at an animal shelter.

    I currently have 1 dog, 2 birds and three cats. I love when I hear a story concerning a newly adopted pet from a shelter.

    How happy this little fellow looks to be your new pet. They appreciate it more than they can show!! Thank you for adopting him and giving him a chance to have love in his life!!

    aka: Snow White

  13. So happy that LuLu is beginning to overcome her shyness. I rescued an abandoned kitty several years ago - her name is Emily, and she could be LuLu's twin! Google Norwegian Forest Cat - I think you will see quite a resemblance.


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