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Monday, May 13, 2013


A labor of love......
and how we got there!
As you know by now, our family has been going through
a rough time.
I hope and pray that we have come to the end of that,
and that the future is much brighter.
In the midst of this, something wonderful happened.
My girlfriend Liz, whom I had not seen for quite a few years,
came to visit us from Arizona on her way to visit other
friends in the area, and then to go on to visit her family in Germany.
She offered to make me new slipcovers for our sofas.
 The original ones were made by her many moons ago.
Liz is an accomplished artist when it comes to design
and sewing skills.
We are so happy that she took on this job, and we cannot thank her enough!!!!!!
But what was to me the most wonderful thing,
  that we got to talk and share our thoughts.
We revisited our youth and all the trials and tribulations,
sorrows and joy.
She got me out of a very deep hole I had a very hard time
climbing out off by myself.
While she was here for two weeks, she worked and worked.
The fabric (canvas) was a challenge to say the least.
I washed each cut piece several times, and it was still unwieldy.
Liz got bloody fingers pinning and sewing.....hence I say...
it was truly a labor of love!!!!
Girls, you can be so proud of your mom!!!!
So, before Liz arrived, we sat up a big table in the living room
by the window.
She started the same day she arrived.
She was the literal energizer bunny, leaving me
way behind in the dust.
And here she spend MOST of her time.

She was pinning and cutting......
with odd things ending up on the sewing table.
(I could never figure out what all the pieces were).
She made muslin patterns for the difficult pieces......

......there was much measuring and pinning going on.
Liz always scared me when she held the pins in her mouth.....
something I NEVER do while sewing.
I have visions of where they might end up.

Literally the couches and the whole living room were
turned upside down.......

as she worked way into the late evening.
Yards and yards of cording had to be made......
the sewing machine oiled and serviced many times.
Hubby even ran out to get thread....but look at what
Liz created!!!!!!!


Her workmanship is impeccable.....

and the detailing superb!!!!
I think this will be the last slipcovers we will ever need.
They look indestructible.
The last ones lasted good twenty years.
Oh, and if this was not enough, Liz made me all
new covers for the porch furniture.
We realized that we had lots of fabric left over.
Enough to make all the cushions,
and there are still two yards left.
Look how wonderful this looks.
She did all of this in eleven long days of work.
Meanwhile I more or less lounged around to keep her company, accept for washing and ironing the fabric and a little pinning.
My excuse , I felt worn out,
and sure enough right after she left I, and then hubby,
came down with a nasty sinus infection, that we just got rid off.
Luckily Liz did not get it.
Liz suggested some red pillows, so here it is finished.
To get to this point, ten pillow covers had to be sewn with
Ten zippers put in...oh, just the thought....
.....but in the end, it made the porch look lovely.
At some point I will replace the cushion inserts that
came with the set, to something with a bit more body.

And when Liz comes back from Europe in September,
she will actually get to enjoy the fruits of her labor,
because she will come to visit with us again.
NO sewing next time!!!!!
And a little birdie is telling me that we will have
wonderful, restful days, where we can
leave all the stress of the past three and
a half month behind.
And hopefully Lulu will be joining us on the porch too
with all her toys.
She has been upstairs much more now....
but since we have not spend much time on the porch yet,
neither has she.
It is still cold here, especially at night.
Tonight we are expecting frost.

To everyone who has send me such kind and caring email,
thank you so VERY much!
God bless,


  1. Those are the best looking slipcovers I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never have I seen slipcovers that fit so well. What a friend. Think she might like a trip out to CA.??? LOL

    What a lovely blog you have...hopped over here from somewhere, glad I did.
    blessings, jill

  2. On her way to Ca to visit with Jill please tell LIz she can stay in Vegas as long as she likes. ;D
    What a treasure you have in that friend! I agree - best slips I've ever seen.

    Glad things have turned a corner <3

  3. Dear Evi, friends like Jill are treasures..her sewing skills evident in her precise workmanship...slips are not easy to sew....I love the new look in your room. So glad things are better there, Take care, N.xoxo

  4. Evi, you made it perfectly, great effect!

  5. Oh Evi...they are gorgeous! What a great friend (can you send her my way, ha)!!
    So glad your visit helped you feel better, that's what friends are for!!

  6. Hey Evi.....Such beautiful slipcovers made by a beautiful friend! So glad she was able to help you in so many ways! Blessings,

  7. Dear Evi, what a dear and wonderful friend you have in Liz, to make all those covers for you. Her work is devine, but to take that time and effort for a friend is something rare to be treasured. I am hoping all is well with you and your family. Sorry it is still cold there. Take care,

  8. My dear Evi,
    I`m so happy to see you are back blogging, and knowing things have settled to more quiet and happy dayes, without so much worrying dear friend.You have been a lot in my mind and heart!
    Evi, what a fantastic friend, helping you with that huge project it is dressing furnichures -into all new clothes!!
    The finished result is so stunningly beautifyl,-
    She is truly treasuring you, doing it for you, my dear.
    And that sweet Lulu , what a darling soft "ball" rolling around with her toyes.
    Your photoes are wonderful , and your porch looks beautiful too, with the red pillows!
    A lovely post in every way-
    Love and hugs, from Dorthe

  9. What a fantastic seamstress ! My Mother could sew like that, it was amazing to watch her do that too...Old friends are the best, they help us get thru the rough spots, hope you enjoy the sunshine & beautiful new slip covers & feel better each day !

  10. Evi, how special to have such a friend. The new slips looks gorgeous ~ a true labor of love. Oh, to spend time on that lovely porch! We are enjoying the sounds and smells of fresh rain this afternoon as we sit on our sun porch. Such a welcome surprise!
    Hope you are good and can enjoy a special holiday weekend, my friend. ~ Sarah

  11. What an amazing friend you have. To come and visit and to sew....
    Liz is one in a million.
    Glad you are posting as well and wish you many days of good health.

  12. Your home is so pretty! How wonderful to have a friend like that. She knew what would make you smile. :)


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