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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Well, I finally made my pillows for the porch.
It took me forever!!!!
My girlfriend Liz suggested red.
And by now, most of you know,
that red is one of my favorite colors.
So I looked thru my large stash of linens and fabrics,
and found an antique feed sack from Europe.
Here is what I came up with.
I needed three pillows, one for each love seat,
and one for the chair in the porch to go along with
pillows I already had.
The feed sack gave me enough fabric with some to spare.
It had pretty initials, but they were
very close to the edge of the feed sack.
The only way to use them, was to cut them out,
and set them into a "peekaboo" window.
I had a piece of lace just long enough from my family in Germany.
I over dyed it so it would not look too white.
The ruffle fabric happens to look a lot like the bought
pillows I had already put in the porch.
The little key on the heart is also from my family in Germany.
So, this pillow touches my heart.

The hand crochet lace is from my grandma.
The feedsack was not wide enough to fit my pillow inserts,
so I added fabric on the sides.
And again I used my grandmas handmade lace.
Some vintage seam binding finishes the pillow.
On the other lumbar pillow I added a ruffle,
covered buttons and pretty ribbon.
I love the way they look.
And it is better, than having an unused grain sack
laying around.
Well, I still have a few more.....
Looking at the cushion covers, I think I should iron them.
My friend Paula gave me a little talking to.....
....."not everything needs to be perfectly ironed, you know"....
But.....just maybe I will.......or not.

So, while I was on my red kick,
I realized that there are quite a few things with red in our home.
 I think these two buddies are adorable,
a wonderful cat by an unknown artist,
and an antique toy,
a darling mouse!
Two more buddies relaxing against a pretty
pillow made from an antique sampler.
How sweet is this!
Both the bear ( an antique),
and the rabbit are from Germany.
A cute hand crafted dogie, ready to  play fetch.
White porcelain pears and strawberries.
A precious children's book.
I am drawn to vintage books.....
especially red ones.
Right now even the bedroom sports red......

....showing a sweet antique little girls dress.

And on the bed sits a cute handmade rabbit, hiding
behind a most wonderful hand embroidered pillow.
I think red will always show up in our home somewhere.
And the color red will always have a place in my heart.
Wishing you pretty spring days,
filled with sunshine.
God bless,


  1. Evi, red will always show up in our home too. It pops up in almost every room.
    Your pillows are such a nice compliment to the cushions on your porch. Love the way each one is different, but yet they all coordinate. You are so very talented! How special that you were able to use snippets of family pieces as well. I truly admire your style! ~ Sarah

  2. I do not have a drop of red in my house but you've inspired me...I used to love red...I should rethink this.... <3

  3. Are you tired of them yet? I know somewhere you could send them:) Those are gorgeous! I have quite a bit of red in our home - & love it.

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  5. On yet another grey wet day here ( where is Summer ?)
    your beautiful cushions and pillows have brightened my morning.
    I just love the grain sacks but sadly don't have any - I missed out on finding them.

    You will see from my latest post that I too love the red and white.

    Thank you for your last mail.

    Love to you
    Diane. xx

  6. just beautiful!!!!! very detailed and beautiful work.....red is my favorite color too!!!

  7. So pretty ! The special touches, your Grandmother's lace, just beautiful.

  8. Evi, your pillows are so charming and perfectly designed. I always enjoy viewing your awesome home.

  9. Evi, your pillows are just wonderful. They will become family treasures with all the family details you added. Red is my favortie color and I like the way your have it in your home. Great accents but not overwhelming.

  10. Hi Evi...your pillows are just beautiful, and how lucky you are to have your grandmother's lace!
    Walking in that room must just make you smile!

  11. Hi my dear Evi,
    So beautiful, you are a master in sewing , is it dolls, or pillows !!They looks so wonderful, and they are so filled with your own lovely family keepsakes, and your beautiful ideas!
    I so love them both!
    And your furry friends- I have collected old bears ,too, and have some I really love,-sweet ,like yours, I can see you have more other animals in your home, too :-)
    Lulu has grown I see, what a beautiful cat she is with those very green eyes, Evi!!
    Oh forgot to say, that the dress and little old doll are both so pretty ,too!!!
    I`m happy to see you post, dear friend,- thankyou for your lovely note, you will hear from me, soon!
    Hugs and much love, Dorthe

  12. Karen on Bainbridge IslandMay 31, 2013 at 11:52 AM

    I think the cushions look very good with the wrinkles...gives them texture and character.

    As for your beautiful pillows...well, they are so creative. I often stash away the best fabrics and trims, and am reluctant to use them because they precious. But you have proved to me that getting them out into the open to enjoy them is definitely the way to go. Thanks.

  13. Beautiful Evi!! Those red pillows you always be treasured.
    Love the pops of red throughout your beautiful home.

  14. I do love me some red. Those pillows are wonderful, I love all your detail. That bed looks divine esp. with the S pillow center state. Great Look

  15. Evi, so happy to see red and your creations, love them all!!!! I hope you are doing well and everyone is great!
    I am missing in action from my blog right now but I do hope to post soon!!!

  16. hallo liebe evi,
    vorerst vielen lieben dank für deinen besuch auf meinem blog.
    deine handarbeiten, deine objekte sind wundervoll. die kissen haben mein herz erobert!
    alles liebe


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