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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Belated a post about Father's Day, which we celebrated at
West Point.
Our son invited us to a wonderful brunch at the
Hotel Thayer,
named after Sylvanus Thayer, who was Superintend
at West Point in 1817.
He was known as the "Father of the Military Academy".
Under his stewardship it became the Nations
first college of engineering, in which he upgraded
academic standards.
He also installed military discipline and emphasized honorable
At this wonderful brunch we were joined by our sons
girlfriend and extended family.
 It was their first time at the Point.

West Point sits in beautiful surroundings.
We live a mere ten minutes away.
The Hotel Thayer,
very large, and very impressive.
Our son and grandson on this special day.
He is a wonderful dad, and it shows.
There is much love and affection.
Beautiful Alexandra growing up so fast....
fifteen coming up soon.

And hubby is enjoying his special day too,
taking it all in with pride.
After our brunch, our son gave everyone a guided tour.
He works at West Point, and is retired Army.
His knowledge is vast, but because I forget
things about military stuff,
I wanted to make sure I get my facts straight.
I gleaned much information from Wikipedea.
I found it very interesting, and it is
worth checking it out.
There is much to see, and much history.
I will keep it to a minimum....
West  Point sits on scenic high grounds
overlooking the Hudson River, 50 miles north of N.Y. City.
It is a National landmark.
Most of the buildings are in a neogothic style
constructed from grey and black granite.
It's existence can be traced back to fortifications
constructed on the West Point of the Hudson River
during the Revolutionary War in 1778.
President Thomas Jefferson signed legislation
establishing the United States Military Academy on the site in 1802.
What you see above is a commemorative walk depicting
some of West Points history.

There is much information.
Here is just a little clip, including carvings of generals
Lee and Grant.
I found reading it all interesting and moving.



Nearly every general officer of note
from either army during the Civil War
was a graduate of West Point.
What stands above it all, is the Cadet Chapel.
Completed in 1910, it stands in place of the old chapel,
which was build in 1836.
The architecture is Gothic revival.
It boasts the largest chapel pipe organ in the world.
It is a Protestant church, but there are other
churches for different denominations, including
a beautiful Jewish Synagogue.

The church is massive, impressive, but also beautiful.

I love all the flags flying and all the gorgeous stained glass
Many young West Point cadets have said their "I does" here.


 There are numerous statues and monuments on the grounds.
This includes remnants of the "Great Chain"
The great Chain and high ground above the narrow "S" curve in the Hudson River enabled the Continental Army to prevent
British ships from sailing up the River and
dividing the colonies.


Hubby holding down the "Fort".
This is the Central Cadet Parade Ground.
When you see graduation ceremonies on TV, it is
here that you see cadets throwing their hats joyously into the air.
Also celebratory parades take place here.
Artillery against
the softness and beauty of this landscape.
Beautiful old homes that are housing
for the Superintendent and other esteemed officers.

A true juxtaposition between luscious landscapes and
war machinery.
This area has seen it's fair share of skirmishes and war.
The Hudson Valley has many historical sites,
and would make an interesting visit for anyone
in love with the early history of our country.

No wonder that many famous painters have
painted this gorgeous landscape.


This statue says it all.
My family likes to express their admiration and gratitude
to all who served, and are still serving to
protect this country.
God bless you all!


  1. What a wonderful post ! My children were both on a swim team and we went to West Point in the summer for competitions there, it gave you goose bumps ! The scenery is just gorgeous. We have fond memories being there.

  2. Evi, this is a delightful post. I've only visited this area a few times some years ago, but my husband's brother and wife are vacationing there now. They send us daily photos. The vistas are incredible. Thanks for sharing this interesting post and your gorgeous photos.
    Glad to see a post from you, dear friend. ~ Sarah

  3. Dear Evi, I had chills at the end of this post....truly impressive...lovely photos..thank you for sharing this, and the information received as a Canadian...you have a beautiful family Evi....hugs to you, N.xoxo

  4. Evi, this post is so beautiful and informative. I love seeing your lovely family. Your photographs of West Point and your information are wonderful. What a great place to spend Fathers Day. I am so glad to see a post from you and hope that you are doing well.

  5. What a wonderful and fascinating post, loved every minute of it! Suzy x

  6. Hi Evi,
    Although I have been to West Point many times...your photos are wonderful and I even learned a few new things from all the information you shared! It sounds like you had a wonderful day...Peter looks great and I can not believe how big and beautiful the kids are! We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of the country. Wishing you and Eb well and hoping you are staying cool these hot summer days. Lots of love, Laura


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