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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Fun Day Out

Every few weeks we feel restless. We make a quick decision
and of we go.

It was a very hot day and our ride brought us to the
Coxsackie Antique Center
in.... West Coxsackie, N.Y.

The center is large and air conditioned.

We have been there many times
and it is always a treat.

The isles are wide and comfortable.

I will show you things I loved but did not get.

For all you lovers of all things French, this
was absolutely beautiful!

Unfortunately my pocketbook does not match
my "wants".........sigh.

Love this old egg basket.

This is a small chest sitting on top of a big counter.

The wood is really pretty.

This booth had many things we liked.

Love the big round baskets.

Same booth...... ah, there are the baskets again.

This little chair was very appealing.

Just right for my grandchildren.

This kitchen hutch was neat.

I love the gumball machine.
It is my favorite color....RED.

And now, the item I most wanted.....
This is a pigeon basket from the First World War.

I am still suffering "withdrawel" symptoms.
Love, love, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ebbie and I enjoyed all the beekers.

Would not have minded owning some of them.

This chest of drawers was also quite small.
I am drawn to small cabinets and chests.
The bottle on top was interesting, unfortunately
I missed some of it.

Hubby and I both thought this would look
nice in our garden, alas.......

We bought a few things which I will show at the end.

After spending a few happy hours at the Antique Mall
we went to the charming small town of

This mural is gorgeous!

It shows so well how beautiful our area is.

The architecture is wonderful.

We loved all the details on this building.

Besides this being a pretty building, it also held
a cute country store.

This is such a charming street with many quaint stores.

We only had time to stop at this antique store.
I know that we will come back.

Again a small chest that did not come home with me.

It was lovely. The paint color was especially nice.

If this trunk could talk, I wonder what
stories it could tell.
The hats were ready to be packed.

I have the ferns for this lovely stand.
It also had to remain.

That brings me to what I actually brought home!

A little bit of this and that.
They were not the big ticket items, but I am content.

I love sewing things and can envision that some of
these items will grace my dolls and make-do's.

This was one of my favorite things.
It must have been trim for furniture.
They are brass and bend easely.
I think they would make neat crowns for
some of my dolls!

This little dress is cute with all these
embroidered ruffles.
It was stained but I have since washed it,
and it came out beautiful.

This last item is interesting and wonderful.
I was told it came from a Masonic Temple.
Don't know much about it, but I loved all
the antiqued gold embroidery and the gold
boullion fringe.
The fabric is gently worn velvet.
I might decorate my dressform with it
at Christmas.

I enjoyed sharing our trip and I hope
you enjoyed it too.
God Bless,


  1. All those goodies I'm surprised you could control the temptation and only buy a few...
    I've a soft spot for the little child's (doll)dressers and if I lived closer I think I'd be tempted to take them home with me.( I wonder if they ship items?)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.
    Susan x

  2. Oh Evi! It looks as if it was a wonderful day! You showed us some wonderful things and I love all the little treasures you brought home with you! I'm off to Buffalo...

  3. What fun, I love to see all those wonderful things....I love small chests and little chairs......and those sewing scissors!!!!! The tomatoes....oh my, I am so wanting to spend the day shopping with you.....or we could just share our collections....I think they belong together sometimes!!!!
    I am so glad you had a day out with your hubby, relaxing and enjoying each other....that is nice...
    Margaret B

  4. Oh Evi I saw so many things that I would have loved to take home with me. That small white chest of drawers for one. Oh and the grey blue one with the mirror. What a cute town, reminds me of Middletown Ct. but yours has better shops.
    I'm sure you'll put that lovely dress to good use and it will adorn one of your fabulous dolls soon.
    have a happy Sunday!

  5. Hi Evi, it looks like you and your husband had a wonderful day of junking. I like the photo's you shared.........looking forward to seeing the new dolls you are making. HUGS MARY


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