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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Garden in June

June is the month when our roses New Dawn
put on a spectacular show!

This is a dovecote my hubby build. It is fabulous!!!!!
The bottom bracket is antique.
He worked on it a very long time.

It was a true labor of love, and my birthday gift a few years ago.
A climbing hydrangea has grown all the way to the eaves.

We found the metal dove weather vane at a thrift shop!!!

The plant "Feverfew" abounds!
It makes new "babies" constantly.

This hydrangea will change colors many times over the season.

This rose is called "Ballerina".

It is a sweet old-fashioned rose.

A view of the "New Dawn" rose arbor.

Last winter it was burried under over 3' of snow,
and we thought we lost the roses.

After much pruning [hubby looked like he had been in a cat fight],
they survived.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

God bless,


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    And...there is so much more to your beautiful garden too! If I only had a green thumb like you...and a sewing hand too!

  2. Evi, your garden is just beautiful. Ours is only 3 years old and huge so it looks like a bunch of dirt with a few plants..so I really enjoy seeing the possibilities!!!

  3. evi, your garden is heavenly! Please join us for FrenchGardenHouse's Belgian Linen GIVEAWAY~lidy

  4. Love the garden Evi, I have the same plants in my garden. You need to tell your husband the dove house is just awesome...................lucky you, XO MARY

  5. Evi, it looks like Heaven, love the roses.....wow they are spectacular!!!
    I love the dove house, our husband are both wonderful craftsmen, how divine is that beautiful dove's home...I bet the doves love it!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous garden.
    Margaret B

  6. Your gardens are wonderful and the dovecote is beautiful!

  7. wow! absolutely beautiful...;D

  8. A delightful little paradise Evi.
    The dovecote is stunning and I'm sure much to the doves liking a perfect place to call home.

  9. Thanks so much. Beautiful gardens.

  10. You property looks absolutely magical Evi! No wonder your creativity is inspired there!



  11. Just beautiful pictures Evi, thanks for sharing such loveliness!
    Tina xo

  12. LOve it all! I wish my new dawn looked like yours. The beetles have done a number on them this year. I spyed all the little creepy crawlies along the stone patio just like you said you had. You'll have to do a post about them so we can get a better look. Listen to me tell ya what to do:))
    Love the dovecote btw...I'll have to show G!!!


  13. Evi, It is ALWAYS a treat to see one of your posts come on the screen in my google reader! I am so glad you started a blog as I so enjoy what you share. LOVE your gardens...adding Feverfew to my garden wishlist. Will need to see if it will tolerate the hot summers here in Georgia. First glance and I was in love with your dovecote but after reading how it came to be, oh my...it is even more special if that is even possible! Xo, Sue

  14. Evi, I love your dovecote best of all! My husband wondered how big it is and if doves are using it?
    Karen from CT


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