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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Porch

Because we are living on a steep hill,
our porch feels like we are living in a tree house.

We love and collect birdhouses.

The cart is from Germany,
and the way I decorate it, changes with the seasons.

This little table serves just two for lunch or dinner.
I found it a long time ago at the curb while walking
with my girlfriends.
It was a kitchen table with a formica top.
My hubby cut the top down to size, turned the top over
and remounted it.
I then stenciled the edge and sealed the table.
The result is a fun little table for no money, just elbow grease!

I also love finials and beeskeps.

My favorite place to veg out!

This wonderful basket was a gift from our friend
Deanna from her shop "Gather" in Ivoryton, CT.
It was my birthday gift.
I played around with it a bit.
Instead of the wire holding the lid in place, I replaced
it with ribbon.
I also added the ribbon to the front and attached a lock
and key that my Dad had given me.
That gives it special meaning everytime I look at the basket.

This is a very special place to us!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed the tour.
God bless,


  1. Love your porch!....I need a nap just looking at it!

  2. It is a very special place for me too! I have had lovely visits on that porch with delicious appetizers and drinks too! Your pictures and post are really great Evi! See you next week!

  3. Your pourch looks so welcoming and comfortable.
    I could spend hours there relaxing.

  4. Evi, that is a very nice porch!!! I love finials and beeskeps too..... I told you we were sisters!!!
    Margaret B

  5. So beautiful, love every one of the bird houses too!

  6. How lovely Evi.
    The little goat cart is wonderful and the bird houses are a perfect thing to collect... you never know when a new birdie might move into the neighborhood.
    Enjoy your Fourth of July!

  7. Oh I love this porch, what a lovely spot. I really like the child size folding chair at the coffee table.

  8. Just beautiful Evi, I could live on a porch like that!
    Tina xo

  9. what a special place indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE it.....you and Paula have a very good decorating eye. smiles, Linda

  10. I'd never leave that porch. What great times you must have there. The basket just looks so perfect there....what a sweety Deanna is.

    Have a happy 4th!!!

  11. Hello Evi! I am Vérène from Switzerland and I appreciate so much your beautiful dolls and pictures!! I allready know you from Laura's blog and I am so glad you opened yours!!
    I was following it since the beginning, some time ago and I am looking forward, seeing more of all these beauties!!
    Your porch is just perfect, so inviting for a nice rest!
    I love your birdhouses! I've got some but not as charming as yours!!
    See you soon on your blog!! Looking forward!!
    Kindest Swissgreetings!! Vérène


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