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Friday, January 7, 2011


We finally got to visit our friend Paula between
Christmas and New Year.
This is one of my highlights during
the Christmas season.
You have seen her wonderful home many times
on Laura's blog at 52 Flea and also at
Carole's blog at Maynard Greenhouse.
Like me, she keeps her Christmas going into January.
Here is a look at her fabulous home...
Girl, you never cease to amaze me!!!!!

The first picture is of an old tool cabinet.
Only Paula could decorate it so charming,
and wouldn't you just love to wake up in this bed?!

Even a lamp base gets elevated to something special
with wonderful trinkets.

Interesting boxes filled with treasures
are everywhere.

I love her wire collection displaying the
sweetest finds.

Love all the great goodies in this shadowbox.

Can anyone imagine having to wear
wire hoops under your dresses?
But it looks charming on a wall or door.
I am honored to find one of my
Christmas stockings so prettily wreathed.

Another wonderful wire display.

What a charming sight.

This must have looked pretty as trim on an old
house, but is even prettier in a bathroom
to hang your favorite towels.

One of Paula's gorgeous bedrooms.
I just want to snuggle in and admire everything.

I am ending this post with this cute little mouse
in a shoe by Cathy Pendelton.
It was my Christmas gift from Paula,
and I love it.
Thank you for letting me share your home.
I treasure our friendship my dear friend!

God bless,


  1. Evi, you girls really know how to decorate.....I just love it all!!! Maybe cause it is very similar to how I decorate and we share the same love of bears and dolls and putting things in little corners......what a wonderful home!!! I love your mouse in the shoe, so sweet!!!

  2. Love the shadow box and little mouse! So sweet! She has a lovely home!

  3. Paula amazes me with her talent for showcasing and displaying all of her sweet treasures! I so enjoyed looking at all of them and her beautiful rooms! She has a special gift we all would love to have! Thanks for sharing Evi!


  4. Evi, alls I can say is how lucky for you to have the friends you have. I do write to Carole often and watch out for Laura's blog, and have seen her talk all about Paula...........all of you are so talented I would be so honored to be in the same room with all 4 of you. has anyone tryed to get Paula to start a blog............anyways Happy New Years Evi, looking forward to another year with you. HUGS MARY

  5. Ah Evi! I am so happy that you were able to make it to Paula's...knowing how a visit to her home is always so special for us! I am thinking of you and hoping you are well...
    Love to Eb and you both.
    Miss you! :)

  6. Love everything.
    You are lucky to have the chance to meet up and see all the wonderful things.
    You both have great wonderland homes.
    Love to you.

  7. The second bedroom has a ceiling rather like one of mine. It's interesting to see how it has been furnished as I've always had trouble.
    Beautiful things. I love the shaddow box and all things little inside. xx

  8. Dear Evi
    I am totally in love with your beautifully decorated home, shown,in the post below--and your friend Paula surely also have the most wonderfull and cosy decorated home.
    Thankyou for the oppertunity to visit you,and her, -your blog is a lovely and peacefull place,full of little wonders.

  9. Your friend Paula has the magical touch just like you do Evi! I admired her wonderfully decorated Christmassy home at Laura's and Carole's blog too. What a beautiful circle of friends you all are.
    I wish I lived closer to meet you!
    xoxo~ Carola

  10. Hi Evi, this is wonderfully decoration! it is a pleasure to look the lovely things, particularly appeal to me the little chair and the strawberry and tiny strawberrys :) Sorry, I'm isn't gut of english, but when I saw this, I must to write to You :) Best regards, Evi! Magda

  11. Love the photos of this home...so cozy & inviting..also love the stocking you created...beautiful work...thanks for sharing. Susan

  12. Her home is lovely. She really does have an eye for display. And it looks welcoming and cozy...what could be better?

  13. So beautiful Evi, her home is inspirational and intoxicating... like stepping into Dreamland.
    Hope you are feeling better and staying warm.
    Susan x

  14. I'm so glad you and Ebbie were able to come down. It was the highlight of my season. I had such a great time that day I can't thank you enough. And just think in a short couple of weeks we'll be knocking on your door! haha
    get ready for us!


  15. Evi, thanks for giving us a peek into Paula's home through the lens of your camera. I always enjoy seeing her home. Warms my heart on a cold evening! ~ sarah

  16. Your home and your friend's are equally lovely!! I love all your vintage touches and Christmas adornments! Thanks for sharing both with us! Julie

  17. Liebe Evi,
    was für ein himmlisches und überaus liebevoll gestaltetes Zuhause - ein absoluter Traum!!!! Bestimmt kann man sich gar nicht satt sehen und selbst nach Tagen noch Neues entdecken............ich hab mir die Bilder jetzt schon ganz oft angesehen, aber immer wieder entdecke ich neue zauberhafte Details...........bestimmt hast du die Zeit bei Paula von ganzem Herzen genossen!!!!! Ich hoffe sehr, es geht dir gut und ich wünsch dir eine wundervolle neue Woche und gaaaanz herzlichen Dank auch, für deinen lieben Kommentar, ich freu mich immer ganz besonders über deine Zeilen!!!!

    Warm hugs und allerliebste Grüße, herzlichst Jade

  18. you four ladies have enough talent between you to write abook, put out a magazine, etc !!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your blogs, and watch every day for new and inspiring pictures. Your homes and work are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing, I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE it all !!!!

  19. bin immer wieder gerne hier, evi!
    liebe grüsse aus österreich

  20. My Mom just found your blog and emailed me right away. I'm in love with your blog! What beautiful surroundings. Time to get to work on mine. I'm so inspired. - Amy


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