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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Recently we got to babysit our grand pets for a week.
We have a dog and a cat....
Louise and Ralph, or affectionately known as
Wheezy and Ralphie.
We got to walk Wheezy and play with them both.
(Ralphie is an indoor cat)
From the pictures that follow, you might think
that there is no love lost between these two.
There is a ritual going on every day, which amused us to no end.
After we came home from dogie walking, this is what took place every day........
Ralphie..... "Oh, you are back"
hug, hug.....
"Where have you been?
You smell all funny....is it squirrel?..no,
I think it must be chipmunk....."
"Hold still, I need to clean you......"
"OK, that's better.......
Wait, wait, that ear is next"
"I have told you to hold still..... So don't let me have to tell you again!........
I am not done yet.
Move one more time, and I will bite."
"Okie-dokie, all done for now.
Now, that wasn't that bad!"
"People, do I look like I would bite?
Not little old me.
See how cute I am, sweet right, right?!"
"Now you can have your reward.
Is this big enough for you?
Don't know, why our folks don't
downsize this bone to fit this mutt!"
These are the musings of Ralphie.
As for Wheeze, she loves being taken care of
by her Ralphie.
And we had fun taking care of these two.
My posting will be "spotty" the next few month.
I have three shows coming up,
and my family will be arriving the end of September
from Germany for a visit.
We are really looking forward to it.
Our family will meet the youngest member,
little Lucas.
I will try to post when I have a chance.
Does anyone else out there feel like you missed a whole season?
I certainly do!!!!!
God bless you all,


  1. I'm peeing my pants here laughing dear Evi lol
    First of all if Ralphie and Wheeze are your grand pets, does this mean that all of my two sisters 6 cats and 4 bunnies are my nephews and nieces? ;-) he he
    Well these pictures are absolutely fabulous, you just gotta love it/them! I can see how much they must have amused you :D

    To your question, yes I do! I don't know where Summer went? We never had enough warm days in a row, just one here and one there and very few hot days. I hope for a warm and golden late Summer and Fall though! At least this Summer I got a lot of things done, like renovating the kitchen and tackling a big garden project.

    So happy for you to read that your german relatives are coming over to visit :)
    I wish y'all a wonderful time together and for you especially good luck for the shows!

    Hugs Carola xoxo~

  2. Ooooohhhh Evi, ist das süüüüüüüüüüüüß, welch eine Freude die beiden "Mäuschen" zu beobachten, sie lieben sich wirklich heiß und innig!!! Ganz lieben Dank, für die zauberhaften Fotos! Bei Sheila und unseren Katzen ist es ebenso..........wenn die Katzen von ihren Ausflügen zurückkehren wird zuerst immer Sheila begrüßt und geküsst ;)), sie lieben es, miteinander zu kuscheln!!! Ich wünsch´ dir gaaaaaanz viele Freude bei allen Unternehmungen und ganz besonders auch mit deiner Familie.....du freust dich bestimmt schon riesig darauf!!!! Eins meiner Enkelchen heißt übrigens auch Lukas........sie waren erst kürzlich bei uns, sooooooooo süß!!!! Ein himmlisches Wochenende und gaaaaaanz liebe Grüße, bis bald,

    herzlichst Jade

  3. Evi, you are cracking me up!! That was too funny and the pictures are great. They are so cute together! Time does seem to fly by these days. I hope your visit is great and your shows successful!

  4. oh Evi, they're adorable. What a fun show. I would hate to see them leave.

    I am hurrying fall.... relieved to see summer go. I got out my gourds and pumpkins yesterday :D
    I NEED IT!!!!

  5. Evi
    The grandpets are so sweet...it is nice that they have each other.
    I wish you a wonderful visit with your family...so very exciting!
    Can you give us a "heads-up" on the location of the shows?
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  6. What an entertaining pair.
    I'd love to see the goodies you're working on for the upcoming shows.
    Enjoy your visit with family and especially the new babe.
    Susan x

  7. Dearest Evi..OH my goodnes, that is a most wonderful photo shoot- those two good friends are just so sweet together,- I have not seen anything like it, and such fun you have had being actually there.
    I wish you happy many hours with your family from Germany, I know it will be so special for you to see them again.
    Also I wish you the most and best of luck with your shows- I am sure people will be on line to see and purchase your gorgeous dolls, dear friend.
    God bless to you too,
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. Too funny!! A cat licking a dog- this gave me a smile!

  9. Evi, these are so cute. It's it heartwarming to see these two together. What fun to have them visit for a week.

  10. They are so cute together. It's funny to see the roles they play with one another. I'm sure you miss them and they you. Petey and the kitties are friendly but not like these guys. Cricket our oldest is definitely the bully with him.

    i love the expression on Wheezy's face " like get her away from me"

    hope all is well and you're not working too hard.



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