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Saturday, September 15, 2012


I am sad to see Summer passing, but I am
also looking forward to Fall.
I will not miss the heat and humidity!
During this season, I took many pictures,
but did not post much.
Too many things going on this year.
(It seems to be that way every year!!!!)
Anyway, I went through my pictures, and thought I will
share my favorites.
This is a VERY long post.
Still, I hope you will enjoy it!
Or your eyes will have glazed over!!!!!!
We gardeners get ready for watering, weeding,
planting, and just enjoying our gardens,
be they big or small.
Every time I look at this wisteria I chuckle.
It was supposed to be white.
Since it did not bloom for many years,
it came as a big surprise, when it turned out
to be purple.
Love it anyway, but boy, the roots go everywhere
if you let them!
Birdhouses were at the ready for
our feathered friends....
and they sure used them.....
Ballerina was magnificent this year.
We bought this new hydrangea (Incrediball), with very large heads.
Unfortunately some deer snuck into the garden and ate all
the flowers.
I cried!!!!!
While she was at it, she demolished many other things.
So, what is wrong with this picture....
with more than two acres, you would think there is enough food.
I guess, we had her desert!
Truly one of my favorite spots!
My yellow Foxglove is seeding itself
just about everywhere.....
and so is my Feverfew......
My name-sake....
since hubby's nickname for me is Bee.
I came across some interesting bugs.
God only knows what this is....
.....very colorful though.....
Birdies made nests in spots to their liking.
In our garden, there are more than enough
birdhouses to choose from.
The wrens were the most picky.
Some changed there mind many times.
I planted many pots......
......with many pretty flowers....
......and tons of herbs.
The Zephirine Drouhin rose bloomed with abandon, and so did the clematis.
A quiet spot in the garden.
I have many Columbines ....
and enjoyed them inside too.....
This was a pool year and helped get us thru this hot summer.
New Dawn rose covered the big arbor.
The Robbin's had hatched, just leaving me a piece off shell.
Taken from the upper front deck.
The wrens really barricaded themselves in.
Swan and "ugly" duckling....soon to be a swan....
This year herbs were in abundance.
My friend Laura@52 flea
gave me the beautiful pot of Rosemary as one of my birthday gifts.
As usual, we spent many relaxing hours in our porch,
newly furnished this year.
Yes, I miss the twig furniture too,
but there is something to be said about comfort!
Still have to make my linen slipcovers....
maybe over the Winter.
We ate here just about every day.
Perfect for two!
Fall is in the air after last weekend,
when we "roasted" at our show,
which turned out to be great,
despite some nasty storms.
The autumns clematis is blooming.
I seem to have two varieties.
One is more fluffy.
I love the little stars and the heavenly smell.
This one is right in front of the bedroom door.
Sunflowers always announce the height and
end of Summer.
The Mandevillas are blooming up a storm,
like they know that they will soon be moved indoors.
Poor hubby will be lugging them all back
to his office soon.
And Mr. rabbit will hide out in the house too.
The watering cans have done their duty.....
.....as leaves are starting to change their color soon.....
.....and it is time to move on to the next season....
one of my favorites,
Yes, it will soon be getting spooky around here!
Wonder how my German family will react to all this
Next time I will show you, how I am decorating this year
for Halloween.
Meanwhile I wish you all a wonderful season.
Have fun decorating, raking leaves,
and just enjoying the crisp air and
maybe a freshly baked apple pie.
God bless you all,


  1. I so enjoyed this tour of your garden! It is a bird and flower lover's paradise! You must enjoy every minute of your summer here! I love all the sweet birdhouses...we had wrens this year and I loved watching them flit about. Your newly furnished porch is lovely, a perfect place to relax! Thanks so much for sharing, Evi! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for Halloween and fall! :)


  2. An early sunday morning, a headache BUT your post has brightened me already.
    Every photograph is a delight, I just LOVE it all.
    I wish I could fit into a little parcel and wing my was across the Atlantic to arrive at your house and garden and see ALL your beautiful things.
    What a pleasure that would be.

    Love to you Evi.


  3. omg !!! so beautiful, what an awesome home and gardens !!!! can't wait to see your Halloween decorations !! I am a first generation American, parents were German and Czech. Love them and miss them.

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  5. Evi, I don't know where to start! Your garden is so lush and beautiful. It should be in a magazine! I've never seen a bug like yours. I hope you fnd out what it is. We planted a wisteria this year and I appreciate the tip on the roots. I've wanted one for a long time!! Happy fall...looking forward to seeing your Halloween.

  6. Dear Evi, what a beautiful property you have...so lovingly tended and cared for! Your summer images are lovely, the flowers in the garden gorgeous, many of my favourites as well. You are a busy little "bee". No idle hands here, I can see! I am looking forward to Autumn as well, and will be so happy when I am back home...the renovation is ahead of schedule and we should be back in by November, so I too can get back to my homemaking ! Thank you for sharing these lovely images! N.xo

  7. Oh My Evi...I have enjoyed a beautiful visit with you today!!
    I am ready for Fall too!

  8. Hi dear Evi...
    Such a beautiful post with wonderful photos...I almost feel as if I had been there with you for a visit...(not quite as I'm missing your delicious cooking and a big hug!)
    I'm sure your family will enjoy your Halloween decorations! Don't work too hard! Heading to Florida with Dad on Tuesday... will chat soon.
    Lots of love, Laura

  9. Well no wonder you have no extra time. I know how much energy this kind of garden takes....even if mine is not as nice. Your paniculata clematis really makes me want to plant one at home like around the front door even if it does get huge.
    I love how you have such interesting objects tucked here and there.
    i love seeing how your home looks when everything is green as compared to in the winter. I real treat.

    Hope the storm doesn't hurt you guys.


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