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Tuesday, January 29, 2013



We are in love.....over the moon....
totally smitten
with our new addition to the family.
Lulu entered our life last Thursday,
when after a few month searching
we found our little princess.
Actually, we were looking for a little boy,
but Lulu stole our hearts at first sight.
We got her through PetSmart who sponsors with one of our
local Humane Societies.
The story of Lulu is the story of many abandoned animals.
In August the family who had her, and four other cats,
left their trailer and the cats behind.
The Humane Society rescued them, and some were
already adopted.
They make sure that they are healthy and fit to be
placed in good homes.
Lulu is a VERY shy little girl, about three years old.
 She needed us.
We have had many cats and dogs throughout our married life,
the last one, our little boy Mousie,
who passed on twelve years ago.
We have been wanting another one, but the time had to be right.
It  is right!
There are no small children running around,
we are mature adults, and no dogs here now.
As of yesterday, we opened her crate door so she can get the lay of the land....
that is the family room, and bathroom downstairs.
This is next to my studio where I had the crate first.
It is now in the family room.
The thing is, she is now hiding under an armoire all day.
I can close the doors of the family room,
 which I did last night.
She ate her food, did her business, and from what I can see by
play mice toys, she has been busy last night playing.
I am worried that we cannot brush her long hair,
 which she realty loves.
She even let us cut out a hair knot while crated.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to coax her out from underneath the armoire?
She loves to be petted, and purrs up a storm.
Is it just a time issue, and to let her do her own thing?
She seems very comfortable here.
By the way, as recommended, she will be an inside cat.
Fine, our house is big, and I think she will enjoy
the enclosed porch in the summer.
If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
I really would appreciate input, since none of my pets
ever had an issue adjusting....but than, they were not discarded
to start with.
My girlfriend Debbie brought her a gift today.
It is mouse that you fill with catnip.
She loves it, touches it, and purrs like crazy,
but she is still under the armoire.
Remember, she is not a wild cat,
but a scared little abandoned one.
She is loved already, and will be our little princess
to be spoiled for the rest of her life.
So here are the first pictures of Lulu......
She is very small.
Can you understand that we are smitten?.....
Too cute!

And hubby loves to lie next to her crate and talk to her....
so do I......
I am even singing to her,ha ha, which she likes.
She has a habit of blinking her eyes....
and if you blink back, she does this repeatedly....
while purring.
We are so happy that this little lady joined this family.
God bless,


  1. Lulu is a cute little lady. I know you will enjoy her. I think she is just getting used to things. I am sure she will eventually trust you and your hubby and come out to stay. Thanks for rescuing her. You will be blessed.

  2. Was für eine berührende Geschichte, liebe Evi und welch ein Glück, dass das süße Kätzchen zu euch gefunden hat und nun ein glückliches und behütetes Leben führen kann!!! Ich wünsche euch ganz viel Freude mit eurem zauberhaften Familienzuwachs und eine wundervolle Zeit!! Wir haben unsere Katie auch vor vier Jahren aus dem Tierheim geholt - sie ist so lieb und so dankbar und unser großes Glück! Und sie ist (obwohl sie vorher keine Hunde kannte) auch Sheilas beste Freundin, die beiden Mädels sind immer zusammen ;)! Eine traumhafte Woche und ganz liebe Grüße,

    herzlichst Jade

  3. She is adorable!! When we got Jeryy bit took him at least 3 weeks before he would come up from the basement. Now he is up with us all the time and will let us hold him. He sleeps on the bed at night now. He is a beautiful 3 year old.
    He still hides when company show up..that's okay, and is right back upstairs when they leave.
    Check out my blog to see his pictures.
    she will warm up in her own time.

  4. Was ich noch schnell sagen wollte: Als Katie zu uns kam, hatte sie so entsetzliche Angst (im Tierheim hatte sie nämlich überhaupt keinen Kontakt zu Menschen, sie kannte das gar nicht), dass sie eine Woche lang absolut nichts gefressen hat. Sie war so in Panik und ich machte mir große Sorgen........als sie dann das erste Mal ein klein wenig gefressen hat, habe ich geweint vor Glück. Es hat lange gedauert, bis ich sie anfassen durfte - aber nun weicht sie mir nicht mehr von der Seite ;) und sie ist die kuschligste Mieze, die man sich vorstellen kann. Das war für mich eine wunderschöne und sehr, sehr wichtige Erfahrung. Ich bin ja oftmals eher ungeduldig, aber da musste ich lernen sehr viel Geduld zu haben!

    Liebste Grüße, Jade

  5. 1000 Dank, für deine lieben Zeilen und ganz herzlich gute Besserung, pass gut auf dich auf!!! Und du wirst sehen, es wird herrlich mit eurer kleinen Maus! Als Katie sich am Anfang nicht anfassen ließ, habe ich sie ganz vorsichtig gebürstet.......immer nur ein wenig, aber daran hat sie sich schnell gewöhnt und sie mochte es.......immer ganz kleine Schritte, dann klappt es ;)! Und mit der Geduld, das schaffen wir auch ;)!
    So, nun gehe ich schlafen, hier stürmt es ganz schrecklich, richtiges Gummistiefel-Wetter.

    Herzlichst Jade

  6. She is adorable, and I bet she loves you two even more!!! I know she will have a good home and be well taken care of. Thank you to You and hubby because you are saving a life!!!

  7. Oh, yes, she just needs time. Several of the cats we've adopted over the years hid for a few days. I promise she'll come out eventually! She's a beauty!

  8. Evi, she is adorable. Looks like the cat I had as a child. And her story is much like our sweet Sadie girl's. It's ben over 20 years since we've had a pet. Timing is everything! We adopted Sadie in March, she was 3 at the time, and she too is very shy. It took her 3 months before she would bark when someone came to the door. Now she makes it know that this is her home! Glad Lulu found a home with you. What could be better?

  9. Congratulations Mom.

    Time will heal. She has trust issues..You will earn her trust I'm sure.
    She's so lovely. <3

  10. Lulu is precious and beautiful! You did such a nice thing adopting her. I've only had dogs who seemed to love everyone by the first day...but that's how puppies are I think. Hopefully she will be less timid as time goes on.


  11. Evi she is beautiful and I am smitten too. She will come around. She just needs time. I know with Bella who found her way to us and was a little shy at first loves playing with any ribbon and can't resist it. I know you have lots of ribbon...haha so try that.
    Have fun ....Ebbie looks so cute on the floor with her.

  12. Hello Evi, I suggest that sometimes you sit on the floor by the armoir and talk to her quietly eventually she'll get more brave and begin to interact.
    It took about 3 months for one of our cats ( who must have been living in the barns before we bought the house ) to be brave enough to come to us - it was so evident that she wanted to.
    Slowly, slowly.
    I am so glad that she's found somebody as caring as you to live with.

    Love Diane.x

  13. Dearest Evi,
    she is a little beauty, so cute and lovely.
    She have found the very best home ,with you and Ebbie, that any little cat could wish for-on that I`m sure-and I guess,(like all the other ) that she only needs time before coming out from her hide.
    So much fun the 3 of you will have together, my friend- CONGRATULATIONS with Lulu.
    Hugs and love from Dorthe

  14. She is adorable Evi. You will be so content together.
    I should send my LuLu to visit... goodness help your household then.
    Enjoy her.
    Susan x

  15. Evi, LuLu is so beautiful!! I can see why you are smitten. As others have said, give her time. Cats do like to be under things where they feel safe. Who knows what her life was like before...once she sees that you are calm and loving she will come out to play. I'm glad she found you :>)

  16. Oh Evi I can see why you are so smitten, she is just so sweet!

  17. Thank you for adopting Lulu. It looks like she will finally have a good loving family. She is quite an adorable princess and I know she has already stolen your heart.

  18. Evi, this story is so lovely, you will be rewarded soon. I think she is just afraid and needs to get her bearings...after all, it is just like a foster child must feel...Neglected and unwanted, and then being thrust into new, unfamiliar surroundings...it will take time! N.xo

  19. Hi Evi, She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW what fun you are going to have.
    Happy New years!!!

  20. Little Lulu is so sweet and just beautiful. I think it will just take time. She wants to observe you and your husband and make sure she is safe. Our little dog was afraid of my husband when we first brought him home. My husband spent time laying on the floor to be closer to Fuzzy'a size and not seem threatening. It didn't take long for Fuzzy to warm up to my husband and I. By this time next week, I am sure she will be out and exploring everything in your house.

  21. She is beautiful. You have done a wonderful thing welcoming her in to your family. She will be very happy.


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