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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


With Carole's help I got on to Google Chrome.
So far I cannot say that I like it.
But like anything new, it will take time to get used to.
But this is not the reason for this post.
The reason is


And that is something I want to "tweet" about.
In my life, I have been blessed with the most loving friends,
some of them who could not be here.
They have been there for me in good and in bad times.
And I hope, I have been there for them too.
We spend a wonderful luncheon together,
we talked, laughed, ate and made merry.

 Our home was still in Christmas garb.

I am sharing with you some pictures of us!
None of us likes to have their picture taken.
So, with permission, I am posting a few.
Left to right....
my girlfriend Debbie, who lives in my town.
What would I do without my confidant,
and our almost daily chats!!!!
Next is wonderful, creative Paula.
I am being silly, and peeking over her shoulder.
Next  is sweet, giving Carole,
and funny, vivacious Deanna rounds out the bunch.

Yes, sweet generous Laura,
(you and Carole have bailed me out from my computer screw-ups innumerable times).
You did not get spared.
In the spirit of belated Christmas,
she tied a ribbon through her hair.
Laura is the cutest  gift to have!
And she did it in style with a French ribbon!

We girls created a "battlefield" of beautiful gifts, unwrapped.
There was lots of oohing, laughing and goodies  tasting.

It ended my Christmas season in the most wonderful way.

I am glad that you are all in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

is truly something to tweet about!!!!!!

God bless,


  1. Hey Evi,
    Your home is just amazing, as are your friends! You are very blessed, and I'm sure you are a blessing to all! Take care,

  2. yes, friends are a blessing indeed !!!!!!! I have a group of rug hooking friends who are special to me, my kindred spirits....also, I seen your beautiful red and brown quilt in one of your bedrooms you spoke of, just beautiful...as is your whole home !!!!

  3. Evi, thanks for the photos. I hear so many wonderful stories of your group from Carole and you and Laura and it is nice to have photos to go along in my mind as i hear of your fun adventures together.
    What a lovely group of beautiful gals.

  4. Some wonderful friends you have Evi - sounds like you had the perfect day.
    I´m happy you got the blog problem solved.

  5. Friendship is so important, it sounds like you have some wonderful friends around you.

  6. I'm so glad you shared pictures of the gals. I see the names on your blog or Lauras' and it is great to see the faces. I agree that friends are the best thing going. We choose them to be in our life and are blessed when we have good ones!!

  7. How fun that you were able to get together and spend a special day with your friends :O) I just discovered your blog and have had so much fun reading all your posts!!! You have a beautiful home :o)

  8. Looks like another happy and lovely lunch!!! It's great to see your pictures......you are all just wonderful friends and I wish I could have been there!!!

  9. Dear Evi, what a beautiful group of girls, and friends! A heartwarming post that brings home the meaning of friendship! Your table looks beautiful as well, and I am sure you spoil everyone who is lucky enough to visit you....N.xo

  10. Oh Evi, es muss ein herrlicher Tag gewesen sein, so viele fröhliche Mädels, was kann es Schöneres geben.......gute Freunde sind wirklich Gold wert!!!! Eine traumhafte Winterzeit (hier in Bayern schneit es heute unentwegt) und allerliebste Grüße,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  11. Your home looks so warm and friendly! What fun to gather creative friends around such a lovely table!

  12. How lovely for you and your special friends to have a get together luncheon Evi!
    I remember your special one last year - I oohed and aaahed over your wonderful decorations then - I think Carole had photos on her blog too!

    Isn't it nice to just stop every now and then - and have a catch up in this busy world we're all battling with each day!

    Lovely photos of all you girls.
    Blessings and wishes for a wonderful year dear Evi and may all your wishes come true...
    Shane ♥


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