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Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am ready to go bonkers......
I cannot download pictures from my Picasa onto my blog.
First I thought it was me.
For once it has nothing to do with my lack of computer skills.
I tried everything I could think of....which was not too much.
So, I just went on a google site.
They are working on it!!!!!!!!!Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a few cute pictures of our belated Christmas luncheon
with my girlfriends.
That will have to wait until we are in business again.
Boy, these repeated problems take all the fun out of blogging.

Wonder how many of my friends out there are having this to deal with too?!
OK, enough griping......
Hopefully I get back to it soon.
Patience, Evi, patience..........
God bless,


  1. Evi,I am having thesame problem. I put my post into HMTL instead of compose and it will allow me to upload my pics.. You just have to be very aware of where to put your cursor in all the codes... It it fairly easy, but I wish they would get this fixed....I understand your frustration. Blessings!

  2. I was just going to tell you the same thing Patty did. It is up in the left corner of where hyou do your post. It is slow, like the old way, but it works. I am not fond of blogger just now!!

  3. Hi Evi ~ I'm having the same troubles as well, and have since right after Christmas ~ *sigh* just love blogging, but times like these really frustrate me! (can't complain too much for a free blog though, right?) Hope they fix it fast!
    Blessed be,
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  4. Evi, I just read a post about Blogger issues on Common Ground. Perhaps this will help you. It may be the browser you are using. Go read what Debra has to say.

    I've been enjoying all the beautiful photos that Laura has shared of your home. I know you girls had a good time. ;-)
    Good luck with the Blogger issues. ~ Sarah

  5. Evi change your browsser from Internet Explorer to Firefox and uploading pictures will work again!
    Many bloggers had that problem during the last few weeks and going away from Explorer always helped. I can recommend Firefox and use it since a year and a half and it works great!

  6. P.S.: I loved seeing Laura's pictures of your Holiday home too and as always wished I could have been there in person with you all!
    I'm just in the stage of putting my Christmas decorations away again here and only leaving Winter decor out and adding touches of Valentines. We finally have back the frost and blue sky and even a sugar coat of snow again after over 3 weeks of rain and grey, it's such a relief!

  7. Dear Evi,
    Yes go read Debra`s post on :
    She and many othere, me too- have /have had those problems...you have to maybe change to Google Crome- as I did last year, and never have had problems since !!
    Hope this helps you dear friend!

  8. Are you using Google Chrome? If you switch it should all work. I switched last year. Since google bought Blogger they are making it where you have to switch to their server. You should read Debra from Common Ground blog's post about it.


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